Fulton County Public Art


Colleges and Universities

Units or departments of institutions of higher education are eligible to apply for project support only to support activities which are open to the public and that reach or serve a significant (50% or more) non-campus (i.e.,  student, faculty and staff) population.

Please note that FCAC does not provide overhead costs for institutions of higher education.

Units of Government

School systems, community groups and neighborhood associations (a group of citizens living within specific geographic boundaries who are organized to oversee issues that affect their neighborhood) are also eligible to apply for project support  which meet the funding criteria described in the Neighborhood Program Fund (NPF) category

Cultural Institutions

Cultural organizations are defined as institutions with a mission to preserve a body of knowledge, stories, beliefs and ideas with the purpose of educating the masses to transmit a body of history to future generations. The primary mission does not include presenting or producing the arts, however the institution incorporates the arts as a mechanism to support its mission.

Previous Contractors

Not Funded in the Past Five Years

Organizations previously funded by FCAC that have not received FCAC support in the past five years are eligible for project support only. 

First-Time Applicants & Applicants Not Funded in the Past

First-time applicants and previous applicants or contractors who did not receive funding in the 2015 cycle are required to attend an application workshop. Visit our website at www.fultonarts.org for dates and times. New applicants unable to attend an application workshop should call 404-612-5784 to schedule an appointment with the FCAC staff. First time applicants will be required to provide documentation of IRS tax-exempt status and a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation in the State of Georgia at the time of application.

Organizations with a Regional or Statewide Focus

Organizations that have their main office in Fulton County but offer the majority of their programming regionally or statewide may be eligible for Project Support only for activities taking place in Fulton County.