Fulton County Public Art


The application and attachment pages must be clearly legible.

The application MUST BE TYPED using an 11 point font or larger with margins of at least .75” on all sides. 

Please LABEL and NUMBER all pages in the application footer. Make sure the pages are in this specified order:

  1. Front page of the application form
  2. Application narrative
  3. Budget section pages
  4. Budget breakdown
  5. Other information section page(s)
  6. Certification/signature page and fiscal agent page (if using) – please sign in blue ink
  7. History of organization that includes artistic mission statement, not to exceed one (1) page
  8. Current bios of key administrative and artistic personnel, not to exceed three (3) pages total (no resumes)
  9. List of organization’s board of directors, including physical and email addresses, telephone numbers and business/ community affiliation
  10. One-page description of the Artistic Support Materials (please label and number all Artistic Support Materials)
  11. Demographic information chart
  12. Deficit Reduction Plan (if applicable)
  13. Copy of the most recent Financial Statement or Audit
  14. Form 990 or 990-EZ, most recent copy submitted to the IRS (except for municipal governments)
  15. Current State of Georgia Certificate of Incorporation/Annual Registration
  16. Application checklist indicating items included in the application packet
  17. First-time applicants ONLY: IRS 501(c)(3) letter (determination of tax-exempt status)
  18. TWO (2) copies of the Artistic Support Materials