Fulton County Public Art


A complete application consists of ONE (1) ORIGINAL APPLICATION with REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS and TWO (2) COPIES OF ARTISTIC SUPPORT MATERIALS. Please review the next few pages for instructions on how to collate your application package. All attachments should be the specified length, in the required order.


This section provides specific details of what information should be included in the application forms.


  • APPLICANT DESCRIPTION: Enter the organization’s name, website, mailing address, physical address (if different from mailing address), phone number, fax number and executive director’s name and email address.
  • CONTACT PERSON: This is the person to contact for more information about the application. They should be familiar with the application and be reachable during daytime hours. Enter the person’s name, title and contact information.

  • BOARD CHAIR: This is the chairperson of the board of directors or board of trustees for the applicant organization. Enter the person’s name, company and contact information.


­  Federal ID No. (EIN): Indicate the Federal Identification Number (EIN) along with the organization’s date of incorporation and fiscal year (i.e., July 1 - June 30, January 1 – December 31, etc.).

­  Fulton County Commissioner and District: The name of the Fulton County Board of Commissioner and the district in which the applicant’s organization is located. Follow the link below to use the District Locator found on the Fulton County Government website: http://www.fultoncountyga.gov/commissioners

­  Fiscal Agent: Indicate if you are using a fiscal agent.

­  Indicate if you are a previous applicant not funded in 2015.

­  Vendor Code: Include the approved vendor code number. New organizations must apply for and secure a vendor code through the Fulton County Government Purchasing department. Returning organizations must make sure their contact information and address is up to date in the system. To access the Vendor Self Service System enter the following URL address www.fultonvendorselfservice.co.fulton.ga.us

  • CATEGORY (if applicable): Check the category in which you are applying. Refer to the Funding Categories and Eligibility Document for full category descriptions.
  • APPLICANT TYPE (if applicable): Check if the applicant is an arts group/organization or artist collective. Refer to the Funding Categories and Eligibility Document for full category descriptions.
  • ARTISTIC DISCIPLINE: Check the primary artistic discipline of the programs and services proposed in the application.
  • APPLICATION TYPE (if applicable): Indicate if applying for General Support or Project Support. Be sure to refer to the Guidelines for eligibility.
  • PROJECTED AUDIENCE: Please estimate the number of people that will be served by the proposed program(s). This figure should include the number of participants in workshops, lectures, classes etc., and the audience for public performances or exhibits. For example, your organization works with 20 youth studying classical music that also perform as orchestra throughout the year. The participant number is 20. The audience figures should represent the number of people attending the orchestral performances throughout the year.
  • AMOUNT REQUESTED: The amount for which your organization is seeking funding from the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture (FCAC).
  • TOTAL CASH MATCH: Applicants are required to match the FCAC awards on a minimum one-to-one basis. Refer to the Guidelines for details.
  • TOTAL ORGANIZATION CASH BUDGET: This figure must correspond to the number provided in the Budget section.
  • General Support Applicants: This is the total ORGANIZATION CASH operating expenses for the organization
  • Project Support Applicants: This is the total PROJECT CASH budget, not the organization’s operating budget.
  • SCOPE OF SERVICES: A brief description of the proposed services detailed in the application. MUST FIT ON FRONT PAGE.  The Project Summary should clearly and concisely summarize your project, include project dates and location(s), and will be the language used in your contract.  For example:
    • To present a concert series of four (4) free performances targeting residents in north Fulton. Performances will be held at the Cultural Arts Center in July 2015 and August 2015, October 2015, December 2015,. To offer outreach programming to senior and community groups throughout the year (January 2015 – December 2015).
    • To provide an afterschool arts program to youth ages 5-12 in south Fulton from September 2015 – December 2015. To provide a Spring Break arts camp for youth ages 13-17 from April 5 - 9, 2015 at the South Fulton Community Center.
    • To provide free technology services to arts organizations throughout Fulton County (January 2015– December 2015).


Complete narrative instructions can be found within the application form for each funding category. Please refer to the Narrative section for the maximum number of pages allowed. Be sure to provide all of the information requested and divide the narrative into sections using the titles provided.


Operational Support Funds (OSF) and Project Support Funds (PSF) APPLICATIONS

Use your own fiscal year to determine these numbers; you do not need to recalculate to fit the Contract for Services (CFS) cycle. Please provide figures for:  last two (2) years (2014 and 2015 actual figures), and current year (approved budget figures for 2016). Organizations not operating on a calendar year budget cycle may use their corresponding fiscal year.

Part A. Three (3) Year Budget History

Operating Budget: Please provide a three (3) year overview of your organization’s operating budget. Include only cash expenses/income.

Capital Budget: Please provide a three (3) year overview of the organization’s capital budget. Include only cash expenses/income. Enter in this section only figures related to purchase or building of real estate, renovations or improvements involving structural change, payment for roads, driveways or parking lots, permanent and generally immobile equipment such as grid systems or HVAC systems, etc. Do not include equipment purchases such as computers, copiers, cameras, etc. Those are operating expenses.

Endowment Fund: Please provide value of organization’s endowment (restricted assets).


1. Changes of 20% or more: Looking at the expenses/revenue for each year, please explain if there are changes that are 20% or more from year to year. (For example, if your expenses were $350,000 in 2015 and the approved budget expenses for 2016 are $425,000, that’s an increase over 20% – explain the rationale for the increase (more programs, anticipated increase in contributions, etc.).

2. Surplus or Deficit: Please provide rationale for existing or projected surplus/deficits. If there is an existing deficit, please provide details about the deficit reduction plan and attach the board-adopted plan. If a deficit is projected, please explain why the organization is operating with a deficit-spending policy.

Part B. Budget Details

Please provide a two (2) year detailed budget summary, using the categories provided. Please see the following page for definitions of allowable expenses in each category.

OSF Applicants: Use your own fiscal year to determine these numbers; you do not need to recalculate to fit the CFS cycle.

PSF Applicants: Must use budget figures that correspond to the project period January 1, to December 31, 2016.

Part C. Two (2) Year Budget Breakdown

Please attach a breakdown of the items summarized in the detailed budget above. Include only cash expenses/income. Breakdown all expenses and income line items over $2,500. Be as specific as possible.

Personnel: Please list positions by title, not by the name of the incumbent (i.e. Producer, $25,000). Don’t forget to include benefits and payroll taxes, if applicable.

Outside Fees & Services: Please list by nature of the service, not by the name of the service provider (i.e. fundraising consultant, $10,000).

Marketing: Please list by nature of the service, not by the name of the service provider (i.e. advertising fees, newspaper).

Other Operating Expenses: Please try to group in logical sub-categories (i.e. office supplies - $15,000; utilities, $10,000). Itemize within reason.

Corporate, Foundation and Private Support: Please list/itemize separately all contributions including name of the contributor and amount (i.e. Bank of the South, $5,000).

Please asterisk any confirmed funding. If the funder has a history of giving to the organization, but the amount has not been confirmed as of the application date, you may add a footnote to explain and outline funding received in the past from this funder.

Part D. Other Budget Information

In-Kind Services: If the organization plans to receive donated goods or services, please indicate here the source, type of service and market value. If the organization does not track in-kind donations, please indicate so in the form.

Fulton County municipality: Indicate in which Fulton County city the organization is located and detail any cash or in-kind support the organization receives from that city.

Breakdown of FCAC funds: Please outline how the organization plans to use the amount requested (artist fees, supplies, etc.). Please list only eligible activities.

Amount Requested: Please indicate how the organization plans to meet the expenses related to the project. Project support applicants should also indicate if this is a recurring or new project. If recurring, please compare the proposed budget with the actuals from previous years.



Part A. Organizational Budget

Include the organization’s cash-operating budget for the two (2) most recently completed fiscal years (2014 and 2015) and the current fiscal year (2016).

Part B. Project Budget – Expenses and Income

Please provide a detailed budget for the PROJECT outlined in the application. Use the space provided. The expenses must be incurred during the project period, which is January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. Include both cash and in-kind expenses and income. Refer to the Glossary of Budget Items listed below for explanations of the budget terms.


Fulton County municipality: Indicate in which Fulton County city the organization is located and detail any cash or in-kind support the organization receives from that city.

OPTIONAL: Use this section to clarify any issues that you think may cause concern as the panel reviews your application. You may also address any comments from the 2015 Panel Consensus Statement.