Fulton County Public Art

Funding Categories

Operational Support Funds (OSF)

OSF provides general operating support to non-profit organizations with a primary mission to produce or present the arts through public programs or services.

Applicants must be arts and cultural organizations that exhibit high artistic quality, stable and effective organizational structure, sound financial management and a strong commitment to enrich the lives of Fulton County citizens.

Art Services organizations with a primary mission to provide specialized services to the arts and cultural community are eligible to apply.

Funding awards for OSF’s are up to $75,000.

Project Support Funds (PSF)

PSF provides support to arts and cultural organizations whose primary mission is to present and produce the arts.

Non-profits whose primary mission isn’t presenting or producing, but who provide ongoing public arts activities through public programming such as school systems, colleges, universities, botanical gardens, and non-art museums are eligible to apply in this category.  Art Services organizations with a primary mission to provide specialized services to the arts and cultural community are eligible to apply.

Funding awards for PSF’s are up to $50,000.

Small & Emerging Arts Organization Funds (SEAO)

SEAOF’s provide project support to small and emerging arts and cultural organizations with budgets $100,000 or less.

Applicants are able to apply for Arts Project support and /or Organizational Capacity support to assist in the agency’s overall organizational development, programming and growth. Emerging organizations are defined as entities with a 501(c)(3) status of three years or less.

Funding awards for SEAOF’s are up to $5000.

Neighborhood Arts Program Funds (NAPF)

NAPF’s provide project support to expand the availability of direct impact programs that deliver arts and cultural programs to underserved populations throughout Fulton County.  Specifically targeting non-arts related non-profit organizations which desire to incorporate arts and culture into their current work.

Eligible organizations include social service organizations, community centers, NPU’s, units of government such as Municipalities and school systems are eligible.

Funding awards for NAPF’s are up to $30,000.

Small Art Project Funds (SAPF)

SAPF’s are designed to support the creation and delivery of small community-driven arts projects. Arts and cultural organizations, non-profit organizations, and artist collectives are able to apply. 

These funds support one-time events such as a festival or exhibition or a unifying project such as a concert series, or a class series. 

Funding awards for SAPF’s are up to $2,500.

Multi-Year Option

The multi-year funding option will feature an abbreviated application process that will minimize the amount of required documents and supporting materials requested for funding support in 2017. Funding amounts are based upon the final approved budget for FCAC in 2017.

Eligible candidates include: (1)Nonprofit Arts and Cultural organizations with a primary mission and purpose to present and produce arts programing or provide a service to the community, (2) Organizations applying for general operating support, (3)Nonprofits with a cash operating budget of $100,000 and above for the last three years, (4)Must have received funding from FCAC for the last five (5) years in consecutive funding cycles, (5)Organizations who are not in contractual default.

Applicants must check in with the Contracts for Services staff to verify eligibility.