Fulton County Public Art


"Wall Spirits & Other Secrets"

Walker, 2009.

National Arts Program

Never hide your talent! The National Arts Program® is designed to give all artists, at all skill levels, an uninhibited opportunity to exhibit their work in a professional manner and to compete for cash prizes.

Sponsored by the National Arts Program Foundation in support and cooperation with the Fulton County Arts Council, the exhibit is judged by professional artists and visual art professionals in Amateur, Intermediate, Professional and Youth classifications, and it is free to all employees of Fulton County Government.

Don’t miss this chance to be recognized for your creativity. Be proud of your art! Visit The National Arts Program® website where you can upload photographs of your artwork: www.nationalartsprogram.org.


Participants must be an employee, retiree or a family member of an employee or retiree of Fulton County.

All entries submitted must be the original work of the applicant. Not accepted: copies; kits; paint-by number pieces; photocopies or photographs of artwork; magazine or book illustrations, random snapshots.

The National Arts Program® and the Fulton County Arts Council reserve the right to disqualify entries they consider to be unacceptable or inappropriate for a public exhibit.

Reception & Awards Ceremony

A reception and presentation of awards are held annually in the Fulton County Government Center Atrium during the month of October.

Public Exhibit

The exhibit is free and open for public viewing every October.  All artists may upload photographs of their original artwork and their personal biography on The National Arts Program® interactive website during the entry period.