Fulton County Public Art



October 24, 2015


Saturday, October 24 / 7pm

Divine Feminine – Linda Costa Cheranichit

Live Light Painting Performance

Art Exhibition

This innovative art performance by Linda Costa Cheranichit invites viewers behind the curtain to see for themselves the spontaneous experimental photography and lighting techniques used to create the dreamlike magical realism of Linda Costa Cheranichit’s images.  Audience members will witness a ive performance piece executed in total darkness, of a golowing Orixa procession captured by her lens in real time without digital manipulation.  The resulting images shared via projections are sure to fascinate and delight.  Inspired by Ifa, the African traditional belief system of the Yurba peoples, as practiced in Latin America.  Ms Cheranichit shares her interpretation of the divine found in everyday women of color and explores the feminine deities that motivate and guide her life and work.


Hammond House Museum
503 Peeples Street
Atlanta GA, 30310