Fulton County Public Art

Pottery by Liz Rietz

Made Of Clay Instructor Show

Pottery by Liz Rietz, 2008.


Commission Process

The Public Art Program selects artists for commissions through a citizen-driven panel process.  A community selection panel is appointed for each project; their responsibility is to review submissions, select and interview finalists and recommend one artist to receive the commission.  The panels reserve the right to request additional information from the artists in order to make their decision.  In the event that no artist is deemed suitable by the commission, the Arts Council reserves the right to postpone the commission award; to expand the region considered; or to take necessary action to complete the selection process.

The community selection panel is comprised of community residents, facility users, professionals with an interest in public art; arts professionals; members of the Public Art Committee; the project architect; and members of the County department, board or advisory committee responsible for the project.

The Public Art Program Artists Registry will be used to select artists for County Capital Improvement Projects and any other public art project undertaken by Fulton County Arts and Culture as part of its Public Art Program.  Artists interested in being considered for any public art project must apply and be approved for the Public Art Program’s Artist Registry.  Approval does not guarantee that the artist will receive a commission.  The Arts Council reserves the right to issue individual project calls for artists if no appropriate match is found in the Artists Registry.

For each eligible project, Fulton County will commission an artist or artist team to work in collaboration with the design team and the community to create site-specific or site-integrated art.  The artist or artist team selected to receive a commission for the design, fabrication and installation of the artwork.  The selected artist will be contracted by Fulton County to complete the artwork in the time specified in the contract.  The selected artist may be required to have a registered engineer approve installation specifications of the artwork prior to the installation.  When appropriate, existing artwork may be selected through direct purchase as recommended by community panels.

All artwork commissioned for Fulton County facilities must be constructed of sturdy, low-maintenance materials and must account for variable climatic conditions and light levels.  Artists should take into account uses of space, traffic patterns, the surrounding architecture and materials used in the construction of the facility.

Consideration will be given to the issues of long-term conservation and maintenance, exposure to the elements and potential vandalism.  The contracted artist will be required to provide detailed maintenance instructions for the work upon completion; to the work with the community as part of the contract; and to secure the necessary insurance for the project.