Fulton County Public Art

Boy Playing Guitar

National Arts Program

Student Performer, 2009.


Education & Outreach

To ensure citizen participation in our Public Art Program and to introduce artists working on Public Art Projects to the community, the Public Art Program:

  • Fosters opportunities for community groups to meet with artists,
  • Creates materials and signage to assist visitors to Fulton County Public Art sites
  • Develops cooperative programs with educational and arts institutions and community organizations
  • Provides technical assistance periodically to Artists in the form of workshops and seminars to further their ability to successfully participate in Public Art Projects.

These educational and outreach programs are designed to find ways to help people understand and become advocates for Public Art,


artists talks/dedication

Nothing gets people more excited and involved in the art making process than meeting an artist in person. Many of our commissions seek to involve community members in the actual making of the project, such as Lillian Blades “Quilting Bee” or Helen Helwig’s project at Fairburn Senior Center.  Also, there are many opportunities to invite artists to talk to groups of interested citizens about their projects in the facilities that house the works, such as senior centers or libraries.  We also are available to make presentations of the Fulton County Public Art Program, the collection, and general education on the topic of “What is Public Art?”.


professional development for artists

The Public Art Program develops and implements workshops for artists in several categories in public art practice, such as Proposal Writing for Public Art Projects and

Making It Last: Maintenance and Materials for Public Art Projects. We also present opportunities for professional development and networking for Registry artists through activities such as Open Studios and Roundtables



Brochures are created for each new commission.

Two catalogues have been produced:

  • The Decade 1993-2002
  • Celebrating 15 Years of Placemaking: 1993-2008



Each public art project is accompanied by educational signage that lists information about the commission and about the artist.